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Aurora Pottery - RED Best Mix with Grog Clay (Mid-Fire) - Cone 5 - Exceptional Strength And Plasticity - When Fired Creates "Orange-Brown" In Oxidation And "Reddish-Brown" In Reduction - Slightly Coarse Texture

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* UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Exceptional strength and plasticity allows you to fire your projects with confidence - 100% foolproof

* UNIQUE! Red Best Mix with Grog fires "Orange-Brown" in oxidation and "Reddish-Brown" in reduction. allows you to get the right clay for the job - Instantly

* UNIQUE TEXTURE! Slightly Coarse makes it so you can create something Beautiful just like the best do

* MOIST CLAY! allows you to form larger sized objects.  Easily!

* STRONG! A medium sized grog version of our popular Cone 5 Best Mix clay provides you the ability to Create something that is Orange Brown (Oxidation) or Reddish Brown (Reduction) with Slightly Coarse Texture just like pro Ceramic Artists do

If you want to fire your projects with confidence, know you are getting the right clay for the job, and make beautiful art then Aurora Pottery has the best Mid Fire Clay that helps every Potter get the best red stoneware for small / medium work and the ability to make changes during drying.