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Aurora Pottery - Best Mix with Grog Clay (Mid-Fire) - Cone 5 - Create Something That Is Fires To A "Off-White" In Oxidation And "Gray-White" In Reduction With Slightly Course Texture

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If you want to fire your projects with confidence, know you are getting the right clay for the job, and make beautiful art... then this is the best Mid Fire Clay you'll ever purchase! A very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling.

 A premier throwing clay that is easy to throw and form.allows you to fire your projects with confidence - 100% foolproof

* UNCOMMON! Fires to a "Off-White" in Oxidation and "Gray-White" in Reduction allows you to Excellent glaze results. - With Ease

* UNIQUE! Slightly Course Texture makes it so you can create something Beautiful like the best Ceramic Artists

* STRONG! The same characteristics enjoyed by our Cone 10 Best Mix. provides you the ability to Create something that is Fires to a "Off-White" in Oxidation and "Gray-White" in Reduction with Smooth Texture just like pro Ceramic Artists