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Aurora Pottery - Santa Fe Clay (Mid-Fire)

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Clay bodies specifically formulated by request from Midwest and Eastern U.S. potters. Low in sand and grog content, speckled buff is smooth textured while Santa Fe is medium coarse. Both are excellent throwing bodies. The color palette is perhaps best described as ƒ??desertƒ?? or ƒ??Southwestƒ??. Fired in oxidation, Speckled Buff falls into the tan/brown color range; Santa Fe is a golden tan adobe Order in increments of 50 pounds based on the total number of pounds. Example # 1: Total order is 550 pounds. You should choose 11 items at the ' 500-950 pounds' price point. Example # 2: Total Order is 1200 pounds. Choose 24 items at '1000?ÿ-?ÿ2350 pounds' price point.